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This blog will be read by few and certainly enjoyed by even fewer. I am fine with that, I am creating this blog out of some sort of desperate need to re-organize my thoughts in a way that can be easily archived. I would write a diary but my uncle once told me "Diaries are for fruits"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Willful Ignorance Will Destroy Us

     A fantastic video by Tim Minchin that I found thanks to a Facebook pal and fellow blogger Scott.  If you can stand... please help us...beat poetry...than I suggest you give it a view.

     I feel his pain and I know how it feels to hold your tongue when pure willful ignorance is being spat forth from the mouth of a dinner guest, or host for that matter.  Willful ignorance is a poisonous force in America, it stems in my opinion from a mass of what can only be described as low self esteem.  Willful ignorance or pride in lack of knowledge of a topic of debate is a shoot from the hip reaction to another person making you feel intellectually inferior or confused.  I will never understand this type of reaction.

     I revel in the finding of new information or discussion of previously unheard of points of view.  These are the things life and more importantly humanity is all about.  What other creature on earth has the capability to not only communicate feelings or ideas with other members of it's species, but change the world they live in through the exchange of such ideas?  It's breathtaking the exponential advancements in not just the technology in the last few centuries that we have created, but also in the way we treat each other.

    I cringe when I hear a person say, "Things are worse than ever, people are killing each other everyday!"

     Although it is true that atrocities occur everywhere all the time, it is clear that things are better than ever before in history in regards to how we treat our fellow man.  There isn't a semi-civilized culture on earth who wouldn't consider slavery a gross injustice deserving of the highest criminal penalties.  Could you imagine President Obama presiding over a man vs. lion gladiator fight at the Kennedy Center, it would be absurd.  Caesars in ancient Rome were expected to finance and attend these very bouts and the people loved them for it.

     Our ability to reason and teach the application of rational thought to our children has led to society where people are educated in basic literature and math fro an early age as a right of passage, not a right of class or wealth.  If we continue to listen to each other and yes, get schooled in certain things, it can only help us as a species.


  1. This EPIC poem makes me almost appreciate Minchin's fetid dreads and chin pubes.

  2. Well written. Too bad our ability to teach our children means stupid people will teach their children to be the same. But in all walks of life, some children will rise above their upbringing and possibly change the world. That is the hope I see when young people protest against the ills of our society.