Every Blog Needs a Purpose, Right?

This blog will be read by few and certainly enjoyed by even fewer. I am fine with that, I am creating this blog out of some sort of desperate need to re-organize my thoughts in a way that can be easily archived. I would write a diary but my uncle once told me "Diaries are for fruits"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally My Vision Is Realized

Don't look again...that is exactly what you think it is, a horse sticking it's head up it's own ass.  This is an illustration that has been mulled over by the artist for almost two years now.  It is my brainchild come to life through the talented hand of my friend Rick's brother Brian Brantley, I haven't the slightest idea why he wouldn't want to sign it.  I asked him a few years back before he left for the California Institute of the Arts if he was so damn good at drawing to "draw me a horse sticking it's head up it's own ass".  I knew I picked the wrong Brantley to swear my allegiance to when he suddenly indulged my brilliant dream work with this sketch.  

 Congrats You're Taller Than the Guy Who Almost Killed Keanu Reeves in Speed

Brian is a great kid who will probably go on to impregnate Suri Cruise when she is old enough to be impressed by his future success.  While we all tread snow and mediocre football here in Chicago, Brian is working his ass off in California sharpening his creative tools.  After seeing this drawing I beamed with pride for Rick's little bro.

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"- godspeed young Cubicle Gooding Junior.